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Another personal website/weblog because God knows that there just aren't enough vain self-obsessed blowhards on the internet. After all, what is the web for if not for giving some lame loser who couldn't get laid in a morgue the opportunity to be the king of his own imaginary realm.

And anyway, you can't look at porn all the time!

Below is my favorite passage from the Bible (Duke Snider version, AKA The Brooklyn Bible ) to give you an idea of what's in store:

[1]Yea verily, a great cry of annoyance arose from the gatherers, whereupon the prophet Vinnie declared “Screweth them that canst taketh not a joke.” Stillness descended upon the land. The gatherers, enrapt in the glow of this simple wisdom listened in silence as the prophet continued. [2]"And if they liketh it not, they may come forth and plant thy lips upon my nether regions." [3] "Indeed, verily, for I giveth not the hind quarters of a rodent for their thoughts.” The crown rejoiced, the sun burst through the clouds and all was right with the neighborhood.
The Bible, Duke Snider edition (AKA "The Brooklyn Bible") Book of Vinnie Chapter 1, verses 1-3

All of which follows is currently under construction, soon to be added, if I feel like it
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Guns and Dope Party (Freedom and Ostriches, who can want for more?-- alas, the site is gone, this is but a ghost courtesy of the Wayback Machine)

Rants, Screeds, and other Misdeeds (gee, that rhymes!)
Lyric sites (put another nickel in...)
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Bush vs. Kerry vs. Nadar: Choosing between the evils of several lessers

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