Streams of Unconsciousness

My friend, the late great Norman Brown used to describe his occasional ramblings as “streams of unconsciousness” a play on the phrase “stream of consciousness.” I have adopted (in other words, stolen) this phrase to describe my own series of ramblings.

I have recently begun to write down random thoughts, ideas for stories, poems, etc. When I was younger I had the minor ambition to be a writer. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the drive or motivation to do the work required to make that happen – which pretty much describes most everything in my life. My sixth grade teacher, Mr. Finkelstein, back in P.S. 233 in Brooklyn, N.Y. once warned me that my laziness would be my undoing – I should have listened.

Thus concludes the self-pity portion of this presentation.

The title indicates the location and time when these passages were written. In the “stream of unconsciousness” format – snatches of thoughts, reactions to what ever has been said at the moment, etc. In some cases, it makes sense, in others, well, you just had to be there. Be prepared for lots of non-sequiturs.

Stream of Unconsciousness – Retreat Day 1

Stream of Unconsciousness – Retreat Days 3-4

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