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The few friends I have will tell you that my musical tastes vary widely and sometimes erratically -- I enjoy music from most genres, including Pop, Rock, Punk, Classical, Jazz, Disco, Country, Blue Grass and even the occasional Rap tune.

I love listening to music even when it's not playing. I sometimes turn on the jukebox in my head and listen to whatever song matches my mood. However, I get irritated when I can't think of the lyrics, hence the links on this page. Below are some of my favorite Song Lyric sites and brief description:

Blues for Peace : Great collection of Blues, Jazz and Rock-Rhythm and Blues songs.

Lyrics World Main Index top 40 hits from 1930-1999: an incredible collection of hit tunes spanning 70 years -- search by artist or song title.

Billy Joel Lyrics: A nearly comprehensive list of Joel's tunes, includes the biggest hits and some lesser known gems.

Todd's Lyric Pages: Great collection of popular standards lyrics by composer and artist -- each page is worth a look.

Beatles Lyrics: not only does this site include lyrics to nearly every tune the Beatles wrote and recorded -- including solo works created after the band broke up -- but most of the lyrics are accompanied by a midi file version so you can sing along! Way cool.

Jumbo Jimbo's Lyrics: a collection of pop and rock hits; many lyrics come with separate sections containing tabulature and chords for those of you who want to play the songs. not as comprehensive as the other sites, but contains some of the harder-to-find lyrics; however, make sure your pop-up blocker is on -- you'll need it here.

Wilstar: Jerry's Eclectic Jukebox: contains some lyrics but is primarily a midi site -- play the music while you read the lyrics! Do karaoke at home (and spare the rest of us :>)! song lyrics - Rock, Rap, Country music, mp3 downloads, plus music news and trivia. Links to hundreds of lyrics sites (including this one!)

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